Nadya Malenko
Associate Professor of Finance

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Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information
R5322, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

701 Tappan Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109


CEPR Research Fellow

ECGI Research Member

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Working papers

   Media: CLS Blue Sky Blog

   Revise and resubmit, Review of Financial Studies


      Review of Financial Studies, 29 (12), 3394-3427, December 2016   (Short summary for the SEC, Internet Appendix,  SSRN)
      Media: Harvard Law School Forum

      American Economic Review, 106 (9), 2552-2581, September 2016   (Internet Appendix,  SSRN)

      Journal of Finance, 71 (2), 775-808, April 2016   (Internet Appendix,  SSRN)

      Journal of Financial Economics, 117 (3), 607-627, September 2015   (Internet Appendix,  SSRN)

      Review of Financial Studies, 27 (5), 1486-1532, May 2014   (Internet Appendix,  SSRN)
      Winner of the Swedish House of Finance Best Conference Paper by a Doctoral Student, EFA 2011
      Media: Harvard Law School Forum
      Journal of Finance, 66 (5), 1579-1614, October 2011   (Internet Appendix,  SSRN)
      Media: Harvard Law School Forum